'Some kinda colour pun' is a small puzzle game built in 2-3 days.


Press 'x' to restart a level.

The arrows indicate moves that must, and will be taken by the player regardless of where they are:

The dash indicator shows a time where YOU can chose the move that will be taken:

The checkmark indicator is at the end of every sequence, when it is active, the game will check to see all the pillars have been coloured in, otherwise, the cycle continues:

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars


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This game is a ton of fun! Simple premise but a pretty deep exploration of all it entails, exactly the type of puzzle game I like. While I didn't get stuck I had some "oh wait" moments, which was nice, and I felt like I discovered more with every puzzle. Great job!

thank you, I appreciate that!

this game is so fun and addictive!!!! i love it :D

thank you so much!! <3

This is so creative! Really love it!

I really appreciate that Sid!! thank you <3!!