Click on tiles to move, press ESC to restart the level.

Alex Shedlock: - writing, level design , game design & audio.

 yasmine latkowski - - composer

cordelia chui -  - game design, programming

Robin - - game design, programming & art


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The aesthetics are nice and I like the idea of playing with your ghost-self, had to try a few time to beat some levels. the music is also pretty good!

this is a good game


Oooh this is so fun! I loved the concept and the design really helped to outline your next steps. A small addition but really helps! I would have loved a small preview of your past self before I moved just to aid in understanding when it's time to avoid - but after a few levels I got the rhythm.


Very interesting concept. It would be nice to know where your past self will be, or uh... was.


Cool idea for a game! Looking forward to a potential full release. 
Gives me "BaBa Is You" vibes.


this is a really interesting concept, and the art and music is lovely too! definitely one of my favourites


Very interesting concept! I like the music too.