Cassandra Wise P.I. Just moved to the small town of Keywater at the suggestion of her friend to set up shop. When she gets there she discovers not everything is as she expected. Tristan is withdrawn and four residents have gone missing. Who's behind the disappearances, why is Tristan acting so strange, and will Cassandra Wise succeed where local authorities have failed? You'll have to play to find out.

**Note**Please set game to  1280 x 720

Player Input:

(mouse left click)

Music and SFX : Viktor Kraus

Director and Narrative: Felmuffin

Art and design : Sweetghost

Code: Logic

Note from Robin: I've removed the term w****go after being better informed of its relevance and importance to Native American culture, at the time of the game being published, the word was used as an uneducated choice



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Browser! Yay! :0

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The music keeps perfectly in tone with the story and the portraits are on point.

My only negative comment would be that I couldn't quite follow the story towards the end.

Overall a great visual novel! Loved it!

Thanks for playing.!

We're always eager to improve where did you lose the story?

There's two endings BTW ;)